About Us

We started Panther after analyzing the ways that financial advisors and robo-advisors invest, and being disappointed with the performance of their portfolios, especially during recessions.

We also noticed that while there are a number of investment strategies available in books, online, and in academia, many fail under realistic assumptions that include transaction costs and slippage.

Our goal is to therefore show you strategies that have performed well over the past 30 years under realistic assumptions. The majority of the strategies we track have performed well during recessions. We hope to give you enough information to decide if the strategy has a good chance of continuing to perform well in the future, and if the strategy is something you can trade yourself.

All of our strategies trade ETFs, and can be traded with the vast majority of brokerage or bank investment accounts available. We want to make it as easy as possible to trade a strategy you like with the brokerage or bank of your choice.