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$25 CAD Per Month

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What Do I Get When I Subscribe To Panther Pro?

For less than $1 per day you will gain access to additional features that help you choose and follow investment strategies.

Compare Investment Strategies

Easily compare investment strategies to one of your choosing.

Monitor Followed Strategy Performance

Track how well your specific investment has performed over time in addition to receiving trade notifications

Longer Historical Performance

See how well strategies performed as far back as 1979 to see the behavior of investments in even more market conditions.


What happens if I no longer need my paid subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. When you do you you will lose access to the additional features offered by the pro plan.

Can I try the pro plan to see if I like it first?

Of course! The pro plan has a 14-day free trial and even if you choose to cancel, you will still receive trade notifications for your followed strategies.

Can I pay for a subscription plan for only part of a month?

No, once your trial of the pro plan ends, you will need to pay for the full month of access in advance. The monthly fee is not prorated if you cancel your plan in the middle of your current billing cycle.

Do I get charged based on the performance of the strategies that I follow?

No, we only charge our fixed monthly fee for your subscription. This is one of the advantages of making trades yourself over using a mutual fund or robo-advisor is that you don't need to pay them a portion of your investment.

Does Panther hold my money to invest or make any of my followed strategy's trades for me?

No, when you want to invest or make trades, you will need to make them through a brokerage of your choice. Two possible options include Questrade and Interactive Brokers.

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